Thursday, August 2, 2012

She's so Unusual


I love this unique little lady Cordelia is becoming. She is delightfully quirky and endlessly charming. I just thought I'd share a few of her unique characteristics, lest I forget them.
  • She recently told me that she and her friend Sadie had been playing "Ring around the wedgie." When I asked if she meant "Ring around the rosie," she was adamant that it was a wedgie. Conjures up quite a mental picture.
  • She dresses up as a pirate at least once a week
  • She told me yesterday that she sings because she has a cute singing voice. She also told me she looked pretty cool in sunglasses. No shortage of confidence. I hope she will maintain that.
  • She is rather confessional in her demeanor. She proudly announces if she burped (or worse). When her father gets home from work she will tell him, "I was a whiner today."
  • She can drink gallons of vegetable juice. Loves the stuff.
  • She needs to know everything, asking zillions of questions each day.
  • She pretty much exclusively wears dresses.


Anonymous said...

QUOTE:She pretty much exclusively wears dresses.
perhaps this will change when she goes to school, especially high school... but as confident as she is now, I doubt she will bend to peer pressure.

Susan Struck said...

Oh how I love that gorly girl!

Kirstens Kitchen said... least she gives you the heads up. I have had numerous occasions where Leeluu took the liberty of waving "a stinky" right in my that I could smell it!! GROSS

AKM said...

Self-confident AND self-aware. That's a good combo.

I think tonight I will raise a glass of V-8 and toast my little Wyoming friend who might also be drinking V-8.

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