Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Here we are

Last night we slept with the windows open. I awoke in the early morning light to a slight chill coming into our room. I snuggled under the blankets and watched the sun slowly creep in through the windows. I lay there quietly holding Elise who had fallen back to sleep in my arms after a brief wake-up. I contemplated a little reading, but decided that just being still and silent was the best option.

One by one the family awoke. I am always the first to wake. Then Bumblebee awoke and needed outside, her nails clicking loudly across the floor (note to self: trim Bumblebee's toenails...and give her a bath, she smells like freak funk). Then Elise opened her eyes, lids fluttering, not committed to wakefulness. I held her in my arms as I wandered down the hall to let Bumblebee outside. Cordelia heard Bumblebee's loud toenail clicking and came stumbling down the hall, bleary-eyed and feeling cuddly. I went downstairs with the girls and we all sat on the couch in a morning daze. Eric awoke a short time later and joined us.

Breakfast was made and eaten. Coffee was made and put into Eric's travel mug. Lunch was packed. Cordelia and I pretended we were talking dogs. Now, here we are....

A serious case of bedhead that will soon have a fateful meeting with a brush.

Tiny baby fist

Sweet sisters

watching sister
Little sister watching big sister take a ride on her "boat"

Today there is much to be done: some work in the garden, some work on the house, checking in to see that my students are doing well, errands to be run, naps to be taken, meals to be prepared, play time, family time, walks, projects, bills to be paid, appointments to be made, etc. For now though we are going to linger here.


Emily said...

Linger in those sweet moments throughout your day!

Susan Struck said...


Helena said...

I didn't know that you have a second child. Congratulations! They look so cute together.

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