Saturday, September 8, 2012

Low, Very Low

I went to high school in New Mexico from 1995-1999. There were a great many inexplicable trends during this period of time: Pogs, the Macarena, bib overalls (guilty as charged circa 1994), Pokemon, Sun-In (guilty and so is one of my brothers), glitter make-up (again, guilty), chain wallets (guilty), body piercing (guilty), this song.  Anyway, there was trend that was really big in my high school, the lowrider. I remember watching the super-low cars as they bottomed out on each and every speed bump in the high school parking lot, sparks flying.
** Want some more 90s flashback? My friend Sarah recently had her own 90s flashback, check it out.

Time passed and I moved north to Montana, then Colorado and now Wyoming. Lowriders have not been on my radar for many years...until this week. Eric and I were driving downtown with the girls when we came upon the lowest of the lowriders. I couldn't believe it. I had to snap a picture and since I had nowhere else to show it you are going to enjoy this momemnt with me.

Looking at it I was instantly transported to a different time and place. Oh 1990s you were something else.

Take a close look at this, it is NOT in a ditch or a hole it is on the street. Lowest rider in the land

Here it is next to another truck just to give a little sense of scale.

Were/are you aware of the lowrider culture? Have you seen one lower than this? I think we are looking at a 3-inch maximum ground clearance.

Now, since I know you have to hear the it is.


paola_ said...

Eiffel 65 were so famous in Italy during those years, you reminded me of my adolescence :)
As far as concerns low riders, you may see some here, too, but I must admit I've never seen a car like that!

Susan Struck said...

And I helped a patient into the highest rider I think I've ever seen this week! It was so my opinion... not to be judgmental or anything. :-)

Sarah said...

I saw this guy driving down 12th street last week! All I could think was, "Geez...what do you do on those speed bumps?" Ooof. Definitely not a winter vehicle - could you imagine trying to cross one of those snow berms in the medians with this car? Ha!

Tammie said...

wow. i havent seen a lowrider in a while. and definitely one never that low.

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