Saturday, September 1, 2012


c and i

Last night, after the girls were soundly sleeping, Eric and I found ourselves discussing the ins and outs of parenting. We took time to assess our recent parenting strategies and responses to a variety of parenting issues that come up over the course of a day.


We were each able to note areas that we could improve as parents.


We discussed strategies for dealing with the occasional  tantrum, focusing on triggers and techniques for diffusing the situation.

e hand

We talked about how hard it is to feel as though we can never give enough of ourselves to both of our children.


For a bit we were being pretty hard on ourselves. We asked ourselves questions like, "How could I have handled that situation differently?" or, "Am I giving each child enough        fill in the blank          (discipline, guidance,opportunity to learn, play time, independent time, etc.)."


Then we realized that these are the issues that most parents struggle with on a regular basis. I cannot express how challenging it is to find a prefect balance and that balance is so amorphous that it can change hourly.

e and c

 Ultimately we reminded ourselves that the one thing that all good parents have in common is that they are constantly trying to be better parents.

Oh and I cut some bangs, aka fringe.


Sarah said...

You're right - great parents never stop striving to be great parents. I love your bangs!

Anonymous said...

Good parents never give up, and I like your new bangs!

Kirstens Kitchen said...

Nice bangs! ( that is a strange word...bangs)

Michelle said...

Instinct plus common sense go a long way in parenting. And love in all things, especially in reasonable discipline. And when they are grown up, what they will remember is the love and the little things done together. And what they will live by is the good foundation and example you gave them.

No way your kids will ever feel unloved!

Victoria said...

It is a life's work and a life's joy. As conscientious as you both are it helps to remember that you are always doing the best you can in every moment. xo

Helena said...

The first photo is really beautiful, love the sixties light.

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