Friday, October 5, 2012

Budding Photographer

For Cordelia's birthday we got her a kid sized digital camera. We knew it was kind of a roll of the dice; she would love it or be totally indifferent to the gift. Thankfully she is really into it!

camera and cordelia
Photo by Eric

eric by Cordelia
Photo by Cordelia

A quick lesson from her daddy and she has been taking pictures every day!

picture taking 
Photo by Eric 

leaves by Cordelia
Leaves. Photo by Cordelia

I am most excited to get a little bit of her perspective: how she sees her world, what is important to her, what she wants to capture. She seems focused on her family, toys, nature, and the kitchen floor. Here are a few more pictures that she has taken:

Elise by Cordelia
Picture of Elise. Photo by Cordelia

Me by Cordelia
Picture of me, painting. Photo by Cordelia

toys by Cordelia
Of course she has also had to take many, many, many photos of her toys


Mom said...

Aaah, she's so cool!

Anonymous said...

Keep it all in the family! She'll have a different perspective than adults and her photos will be all about her and her "work"! What a great gift!

elizabeth said...

both my kiddos have taken a lot of pictures of their toys. and each other. and their friends. and out the car window. it is really fun to see what they think is worth photographing - or just how much they like to push that shutter-button! :)

Sarah Purdy said...

I would expect nothing less from such a creative family!

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