Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Yesterday was Christmas. Yesterday was Elise's first Christmas and the first Christmas that Cordelia was able to grasp the what and why of the day.

We generally start our celebration on Christmas Eve evening. First we got all dressed up and then we met my parents and youngest brother for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant.

Eve dinner

Eve dinner

Eve dinner

Eve dinner


After dinner we went to Christmas Eve service. My father, the pastor, led the service. My mother and Eric were in the choir. Sam and the girls and I sat in the pews. I was up and down with the girls a few times as Elise wasn't too keen on sitting around waiting for something to happen. We ended the service with the traditional candle lighting. Sam held Cordelia as she held a candle. Elise was transfixed. Finally we took a few minutes to take photos before heading home.


For the record Sam is standing on a step, but he is still super tall (like 14ft.)

We left the church just as snow was beginning to fall. It was cold and quiet and beautiful.  Eric and I put the girls to bed and enjoyed a movie before turning in for the night.


eve girls

The next morning we were up and going early (I made pie before 9am). We opened some gifts at  our home and then traveled over to spend the day with my parents and Sam. We skyped with my brother Ben who insists on living on the other side of the country with his lovely wife Sara (something about work and grad school, whatever).

We spent a wonderful and laid back day with my family. The girls were happy and mellow. There was good food. My mother made amazing sticky buns for brunch (mom wanna guest post that recipe on my blog?) and later a delicious meal of tofurkey, glazed carrots, lemon nutmeg potatoes (surprising and good), fresh salad, cranberries, lefse (!), and something else I must be forgetting.



elise and mom


cord and dad

sam and elise


The day was quiet and perfect and wonderful. Time with family, calls to distant family, texts to friends. Couldn't be more thankful!

OH!!! AND Eric adopted a manatee for me! Her name is Elaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

How was your day?


Clare said...

Oh, I want a manatee for Christmas! Only Elaine the manatee will do.....Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

My day was quiet, Mother in Florida and aunts, uncles and cousins at a cottage about 3 hours away.
We had lunch and dinner at a couple of restaurants who give free dinners on Christmas.

Anne Marie said...

Beautiful photos! I especially love the one of the girls sitting together on Christmas Eve, and the one of Cordelia with her grandpa. Very sweet.

Helena said...

Your girls are both so big already! They look adorable and you all look so happy together. :-) Happy new year to your family!

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