Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Arizona Part 2


grams and e 

The rest of our quick trip to Arizona was a blur, a fun blur. We visited The Biltmore hotel and enjoyed looking at the architecture and design. Well nearly all of us enjoyed it; Elise hated it inside of the building. She was furious when in the hotel and would instantly mellow when I stepped out of the building with her. Here are my theories about that :
  1. I think this is the most obvious conclusion, ancient burial ground/haunted hotel.
  2. She is not a fan of design inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright
  3. She was annoyed that the hotel proclaimed itself "the jewel of the desert."
Regardless, we soldiered on and took a good look around.

The fam in front of a Frank Lloyd Wright Window at The Biltmore.

Eric took the following  pictures. I only mention this because it is good and he's an artist.

maria @ biltmore


After the Biltmore we made a quick stop at Ikea and then back to Leisure World for a little leisure time, then church with my grandma.


grandma and the girls
Great Grandma and the girls

grandma carol
My grandma Carol

Yeeeesh, back off ladies, this one is taken

Before we knew it we were back on a plane and headed home.



Are you headed anywhere this winter?


Anonymous said...

Supposed to go to Florida to visit my mom but don't have my passport signed and mailed out yet. Should do that soon so I can go next year!

Michelle said...

Love the photos. Cordelia with the flower wreath on her head is spectacularly precious.

I wonder if all the architectural elements in the hotel, as wonderful as they are, might have just been sensory overload for Elise. Sounds like she really lets you know when things get to be too much for her! And you know that strong-willed females run in the family!

Sarah Purdy said...

Loved the photos. Glad you had a great time. It was totally #1: Ghosts. I definitely think Elise is a "senser." It's the ONLY plausible explanation.

Emily said...

I am a Frank Lloyd Wright fan, so I'm digging the hotel. Sorry Elise didn't feel the same way. I'm inclined to go with your haunted hotel theory. No travel plans this winter, but perhaps a trip up north this spring! :)

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