Thursday, January 10, 2013

Six Months with Elise

Today marks half a year since Elise was born...six calendar months! Sheesh, how fast did that time pass?!

 Elise 6 mos.

Check out months 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 by clicking the number.

Over the course of this month Elise has:
  • learned to sit up all on her own. She is a real pro at the sit, but she is ready for the next step. She has her eyes on the walking prize and is definitely moving in that direction.
  • started standing with support (and a watchful parental eye).
  • begun to revel in attention and flirt with most anyone, as long as she is in my arms she is pretty confident.
  • embraced the eating of solid food. So far the only rejection has been of prunes. Who can blame her? Liquified prunes sound gah-rooooosssss! ***Note to the future staff of my nursing home...please no liquid prunes.
  • started to insist on drinking from a cup. Anytime I get a drink of water from the sink she starts flailing about and grunting for a drink. She will tearfully sob if I don't share.
  • taken many mellow car rides. She no longer freaks out every single second we are in the car. Life changing!
  • started to hold herself up on all fours, but she will just rock back and forth before ultimately deciding that she'd just as well learn to walk.
  • continued to develop her own relationship with each member of the family. She flails and grunts with joy when Eric returns from work. She laughs hysterically at Cordelia's dancing and pretty much watches each and every thing that Cordelia does. She loves her uncles who are just the right mix of scary fun. She loves to look at Casual Sara's face (Sara is too casual to be called aunt so we call her Casual Sara).  She hugs my mother and has learned that my dad is the fun guy!
  • really, this girl has come into a new phase in this last month. We think that some digestive issues may have resolved themselves. We now find ourselves with a much happier baby and that is such a gift. Not only is she easier to care for, but knowing that she has a joyful heart has been a great relief to us.
Elise 6 mos.


Anne Marie said...

She is just too cute! LOL to the comment about the future nursing home prunes request!!

Emily said...

Her smile with that dimple is just precious.

Kate said...

Happy half-birthday, beauty! You're a delight even to strangers, just like your sister!

Michelle said...

Intelligence and spirit simply beam from her beautiful face!

Anonymous said...

Elise - it was just yesterday you were born (Well, 6 mths is yesterday to us grown ups!) you have grown so much and so fast! Glad to follow your progress into a little "American Sweetheart" from afar.

Mom said...

That last photo made me want to pick her up for one of her sweet hugs RIGHT NOW! I am so blessed to have two such joyful granddaughters!

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