Saturday, January 26, 2013

Confessions: Pet Peeves


So, I wrote this list before the intro and reading back over it I can clearly see that I am a raging lunatic. Of course I hope you will take it all with a grain of salt as intended, but if you can't that's cool. Feel free to run screaming from your computer. Or you could make me feel better by sharing your crazy pet peeves.Don't have any pet peeves? I found a list to get you started. Click here
  • I get really annoyed when news programs interview the Muppets as though they are real people and not puppets.  It's fine if it is a movie, child centered TV show, etc. However, when Matt Lauer interviews Elmo the top of my heads flies off and flames shoot out from my brain.
  • I don't like to be uneven. What happens to the left side must also happen to the right side. I need a body balance.This is probably the primary reason that I stay away from slap contests as I'd have to turn the other cheek for a second slap to even things out.
  • Star Wars impressions bug me. Ur, um, I mean.... Bug me, Star Wars impressions do.
  • I am not a fan of grocery stores labeling the aisle that has toilet paper as "Bath Tissue." I always find myself going,"what is that weird thing that they always call the toilet paper?" as I look down the aisle, "Bum kleenex? Shower paper?" Just call it toilet paper for goodness sake. I feel very passionately about this as you can see...even though it really only just started annoying me yesterday.
  • Anybody over the age of five chewing with their mouth open. This goes for gum chewing. I will not stand for it. I will not!
  • This one is kind of weird and rarely does anyone witness it anymore....started when I was a little girl, like Cordelia's age. I have an issue with toe seams on socks, they CANNOT go across the front of my toes, only across the top. If the seams are super thick, just forget it. When I was a wee little lass I would freak out if my socks weren't just right. Now I just cry for an hour or two, refusing to leave the  house buy socks that fit.
  • When businesses intentionally  misspell words. Something like Kwik Kopy (sorry if this is your business name, I am just a weird gal in WY, what do I know).
  • Giant inflatable animals in front of sales. I am not sure if this is exactly a pet peeve, but it makes me feel like I need to bite it to bits.
  • Poking me in any way. You poke my shoulder? You will be on the receiving end of a supreme death stare as I poke my other shoulder to even things out (See my second pet peeve on the list).
  • Loud whispering. What is the point? Really?! Unless you are a child and don't really understand the whole concept of volume.
  • Car whistling. Eric and I both find ourselves doing it on long road trips and we annoy our own selves. So we established a rule. NO WHISTLING IN THE CAR. We also added a follow up rule, NO WHISTLING IN THE CAR, APOLOGIZING FOR IT AND THEN WHISTLING SOME MORE.
Your turn!


Mom said...

Of course you know that the chewing-with-the-mouth-open is a genetic pet peeve. You'd think that anyone who loves us would try very, very hard to not do that... wouldn't you? It's worse than fingernails on a chalkboard, much worse.

Anne Marie said...

I am a little freaked out right now...I've been thinking all week about doing a pet peeve blog. So, are you reading my thoughts, or am I reading yours???? Hmmmmmm.... ;o)

Victoria said...

Okay...this is a biggie for me..when publications, newscasters and supposedly educated professions DO NOT put "an" before a silent "h"!! Here are the rules!!
"An is used before h where the h is silent, as in an hour and an honor (and in America, an herb). It may also be used before h-words not accented on the first syllable, as in an historian." Get with it people! It's your job!!!

Maria Rose said...

Nope, not psychic. ---Victoria! I am on that page!

Daphne said...

I hate uneven sets of things. I need at least two of each. If I buy one teacup, I must buy two so I have a matched set. The only exception to this rule is coffee cups -- no one needs more than one "World's Best Daughter" coffee cup. Whether we need even one remains up for debate.

Tammie said...

i love these posts!

i hate whistling in general. i think its creepy.

loud whispering: my husband is the loudest whisperer ever! i hate it because when he whispers its usually because he wants to talk about some weird stranger NEAR us and i know they can hear.

Aimee B said...

I hate it when people I know and love use improper grammar on their Facebook posts! I have a hard time caring about their day when they can't tell the difference between there, they're and their. I have a really difficult time not saying something horrible like, "Maybe you would have gotten that promotion if you appeared educated!" (I feel like a bitch just admitting this!)

Anonymous said...

1. One of mine is bicycles. Learn the rules of the road or get off!I don't want your brains all over my car when YOU decide to hit me, because you decide that the stop sign or red lights are not for you to obey! And wear helmets for crying out loud.
2. Another one is like yours misspelled words from businesses. (Kwik Kopy)Why would I go to a business who can't spell correctly? And what are you teaching the next generation? They may think i't cute but it just makes them look uneducated.
3. I HATE when I get emails with abbreviated forms of words... EMAILS by real businesses - for example - Is Thursday ok to C me? WHAT? Please spell out the words! You are not a teenager sending out a text to another teenager...

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