Tuesday, January 29, 2013

May I Never Forget

 Ahh memories

Ahh memories

May I never forget

  • that when Elise is done sleeping or is ready for a snack she clicks her tongue against the roof of her mouth.
  • that Cordelia tells me, "Momma, I just can't stop loving. I love the whole world."
  • the way loose baby skin feels, soft and shar pei-ish.
  • three year old belly laughs.
  • holding Elise in one arm while holding Cordelia's hand.
  • baby belly laughs.
  • the way Cordelia has to run over the details of a story over and over and over again. She particularly likes to revisit the story about the time I got lost in the mall as a youngster and, most recently, the time a horse kicked me in the face.
  • the way Elise bows shyly when she interacts with others.
  • that Cordelia often says, "I need a little holding time."
  • trimming little finger nails.
  • kissing those sweet heads good night.
  • the freedom to smother these girls with affection. Soon enough they will want space, but right now hugs, kisses, holding them close are all welcome.
  • the sound of Cordelia's voice calling from her room (when it is pitch black ), "Is it morning time yet?"
  • the way Elise kind of folds into me for comfort.
  • the never ending motion of Cordelia at each and every meal.
  • the smiling faces of two little sisters splashing in their bath.
  • the way Elise wiggles with glee when Eric gets home from work.
  • that Cordelia tells her daddy, "Thank you for working for our family," each morning as he leaves for the day.
  • Elise playing the tambourine at breakfast.
  • that when Cordelia wears a dress she said, "So, what do you think about my beau(pause to twirl)-tiful dress?"
  • these days.


Sarah Purdy said...


Kate said...

I want to copy this type of post.

Maria Rose said...

Copy away my friend.

Mom said...

I love that same list but would add
... watching my beautiful daughter enjoying her delightful girls.

Anonymous said...

I like this, it makes me think of my now 25 year old son and things like these are now difficult to bring up in my memory.

Stacy said...

Special. <3

Victoria said...

I kept a journal when Sean was young so I could document these special moments...good thing too, cuz I refer to it often! But lucky you have it all on Little Things are Big...forever and ever....because, they are...xo

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