Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! Interview with Cordelia

v day 1

Sometimes I wonder what Cordelia makes of certain events/holidays/activities. Today I thought I'd interview her about Valentine's Day.

Me: What is Valentine's Day?

Cordelia: It is when you give hearts and people give them back. It is very Valentine's....

Why do people give hearts?

Becauuuuuse it is Valentine's Day

What is Valentine's Day about?

It is about guitars! Ha ha ha (plays air guitar) and people.

Do you have a special Valentine?

Mmmhmm, Sadie!

Your best friend.

Yes, and all of my best friends are my Valentines.

How do you show someone you love them?

When you smile.---Pause---May I kiss your baby?

Uh, sure.

Smooches Elise

What should we do to celebrate Valentine's Day?

Make hearts.....well Mr. Mom, can I have a little hug from you? Hugs me

Why did you call me Mr. Mom?

Because it is fun.


Anything else you want to say about Valentine's Day?

Well, no mom. 

Interested in a Vegan Valentine's Day? Click here for some ideas!


Michelle said...

What a great photo of Eric and his girls!

Sarah Purdy said...

What a cutie. Sadie's been counting the wake-ups until Valentine's Day. She worked very hard on Cordelia's special valentine.

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