Monday, February 4, 2013


What a crazy week this has been! The announcement of Eric's new job has come with a surprising amount of publicity and Eric has been busy with that. I launched Rooted Vegan with my friend Kate and the last few days of prep were intense. I kept reminding myself that things would calm down this weekend, but they did not. Here is a little recap of the crazy whirlwind weekend we have had.

Woke up before the sun
Played (or some zombie version of play) with the girls
Made breakfast, dress 3/4 of the family. Eric took care of himself.
Washed dishes
Took Cordelia to and from preschool.
Cleaning, napping (Elise), teaching my class, working on new blog, playing with the girls
Lunch prep
Washed dishes
Jarrod arrived, one of Eric's oldest friends.
Elise napped followed by grocery shopping and cookie making
Prepared and ate dinner
Washed dishes
Eric and Jarrod off to prep for concert
Put girls to bed
Dressed awesome
My mom came over to watch girls
I attended concert and watched Eric rock out
Up all night with fussy Elise and Cordelia had several nightmares

At the concert: Sarah on the left.

Woke up before the sun/didn't sleep more than 4 hrs.
Made pancakes
Washed dishes
Made cupcakes
Washed dishes
Decorated for two parties at house
Dressed self and girls
Elise napped/played with Cordelia
Tea Party for 3 year old girls
Washed dishes
Lunch prep
Washed dishes and picked up
Elise napped. Cordelia in quiet time. I worked
Ran errands.
Relaxed for an hour
Went to my mom's birthday dinner
Birthday party at our house
Girls to bed
Chatted with Eric and Jarrod
Up much of the night with motherhood duties

Cordelia, waiting for tea party guests

Birthday girl


Woke long before the sun
Washed dishes
Played with girls
Prepared breakfast
washed more dishes
Dressed the girls and myself
Prepared lunch and blog post for Rooted Vegan
Played with Cordelia. Elise nap.
Cleaning, laundry, dish-washing
Bathed the girls, because it was long overdue
Dinner with my mom and the girls
Girls to bed
Early to bed

Eric and Jarrod

The crew


Evening with mom and the girls

So as you can see things have been cray-zay here. I am inclined to take this day off and accomplish nothing at all. Did you have a crazy weekend?


Anonymous said...

Have a great weekdays this week! No more crazy days for you until Friday! LOL

Sarah Purdy said...

Take a break, Supermom! You absolutely deserve a day off. The dishes will still be there later.

Michelle said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend! There is definitely a reason why God gives babies to the young!

Most of us "elders" look back fondly on the days when we had such full days and nights--but realize that we need to be in the more restful phase of life now.

Grandma Grace said...

You need a dishwasher!!!

Anonymous said...

Grandma Grace says you need a dishwasher... I think it's high time to teach Cordelia to wash dishes...

Maria Rose said...

Trust me, I want a dishwasher, but we can't afford it until we pay off medical bills (in a zillion years). I already have Cordelia washing dishes, but she only washes non- breakaes and the process doesn't exactly save on time.

Victoria said...

...gave a dinner party, which is always crazy. I too think you should put a "dishwasher" at the top of your wish list!! (Come on Maria, just sell a painting...this is Mike's answer to everything on my wish list!)

Kate said...

Aww... those prefolds look awfully familiar! Have fun! I, too, want a dishwasher. The Mister and I often out them off during midterms and finals, then we're left with Dish County; a place where no human wishes to travel.

Stacy said...

I spent part of my weekend - Friday and Saturday - with 60 college students. And two alpacas, 1 llama, 1 donkey and 3 sheep. So it was exhausting, a wee bit smelly and fun.

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