Thursday, March 21, 2013

From the Other Side

So, the plague of illness is melting away. The coughing lingers on and Elise is still a bit clingier than usual, but we are on the other side of a nasty bug. I was, at one point over the weekend, so exhausted that I was seeing spots...

Last night I passed out, for a quick nap, at 8pm and only woke to crawl up to bed. This morning things are looking up. Yes, the tissue is easily accessible on every level of our home, but there are more smiles and parents who are moderately well rested (6 hours counts as well rested with little ones).

Now that we are on the other side of this mess I am finding that the girls have come out changed. This cold has been transformative I tell you.

Cordelia, who has been potty trained for ages, no longer needs a night time pull up! Somehow it finally locked into place. Wahoo! I told her that once she gets through another month she can start thinking about a big girl bed and no longer sleep in her toddler bed. She is so excited.

She has been growing in other ways as well. She is starting to harness those emotions of hers. She feels everything quite deeply, but now she is learning that she doesn't have to have a broken heart if the cashier at Target doesn't greet her.

This morning she helped me to transplant some of our larger seedlings to bigger containers. She is so eager to help and more able to be of help.


Elise has changed too. Most notably in the fact that she crawls now, like it ain't no thang. She sees something she wants, she goes for it. While she can crawl she is still sticking pretty close to me. As she feels better and gets more confident I am sure that radius around mom will expand.

 She also looks kinda tough as she got her first black eye. I hate this part of parenting, the phase where bangs and bruises are a daily occurrence. Part of the deal is that, as a parent, I just have to let some things happen, stepping in when there is a real threat of injury. I hold back the gasps and let Elise guide me as she instantly looks to me as if to ask, "Should I freak out?" If I am calm, she often will be too. If I were to gasp in horror I imagine she would do the same. The good news is that her black eye is the fault of both parents. First, she face planted while diving for me and then a short while later her father was with her when she smashed her face in the same spot. So, at least we are both to blame.

Anyway, the illness is fading. The girls are growing.


Victoria said...

Glad you are all feeling better. Love these pics, so "real" ;) Especially love Bumblebee with tongue sticking out, as if on cue.

Stacy said...

Yay for fading illness. Double yay for all of that other growth. Amazing girls you have there!

Maria Rose said...

That isn't her tongue Victoria it is her ridiculously long ear!

Sarah Purdy said...

Crawling! Dry at night! Black eyes! Oh my! So much growth! Good job, ladies!

Court Dan said...

Ha! I loved that picture with the captions on it, reminded me of a comic, you should make one it would be great! The adventures of Maria Rose and family!

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