Thursday, March 28, 2013

Project: Squirrel Feeder

There is little love lost between the squirrels and I. Don't get me wrong, I love all animals, but squirrels and pomeranians populate the bottom of my list. Regardless, squirrels live on my land. They inhabit the trees, they taunt Bumblebee (which I think is hilarious) and I decided to give them a small peace offering.

squirrel feeder

Cordelia and I made a little squirrel feeder to hang on our fence. Th project was super simple.

You need raw unsalted peanuts still in their shell and a wire hanger. Use your brute force, it takes very little, to unwrap the hanger and you'll have a wonky shaped wire. I bent the wire into a roughly circular shape, leaving the loop on top for hanging.

Peanut project

Use either the end of the hangar or a toothpick to poke holes through the peanuts. Do up a big pile and then let your helper thread them onto the wire.

Peanut project
Peanut with a hole through the middle.

Peanut project
Cordelia is concentrating on threading the peanuts

cordelia hanging the squirrel feeder

Finally we hung it up outside on the fence. I would recommend that you bend the wire to make sure it cannot be removed as we watched a squirrel grab and make off with the entire wreath.


Sarah Purdy said...

What a cool idea! We'll have to try that. That's funny that your squirrel stole the entire wreath - those bandits!

Michelle said...

Fun project--and funny ending! Too bad you didn't get a photo of the squirrel making off with his booty.

Anonymous said...

greedy squirrel! LOL

Vada said...

That is hilarious! Especially given they are not your favorite animal. Great idea, though.

Mom said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha! He must have thought you were such a nice gifter!

I love the photo of Cordy deep in concentration. She's just so pretty!

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