Wednesday, June 26, 2013





elise grabbing leaf



wet cahlk

Elise and I

virginia creeper



betty sprinnkles


Emily said...

What a beautiful backyard you have!

Stacy said...

Love Cordelia's hair in that photo!!

Michelle said...

Such lovely photos!

Anonymous said...

Lovely backyard! Love the plant is climbing all over your house! That photo of the daisy is absolutely gorgeous! And is that one of your paintings?

Maria Rose said...

Thanks!! No, not a painting it was some sidewalk chalk, but wet from the sprinklers.

Maria Rose said...

Thanks! She wants to cut it into a bob. My heart breaks at the thought, but I want her to develop her own ideas and feel confident about her choices. So....we told her to think on it for a week. Maybe she will forget.

Mom said...


Anonymous said...

Even if she cuts it into a bob, and she eventually doesn't like it, the hair will grow back. I sure hope she does forget!
But if she doesn't, can you document her in pictures? In the hair salon... etc... although it will break your heart, so sorry if she decides to want it cut.

Maria Rose said...

You know there will be a blog there if she does

Sarah Purdy said...

I love your backyard! And Cordie's hair is seriously the bomb.

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