Monday, June 24, 2013

Like Me, Like Them


Last night we went our to my parent's home for our ususal Sunday night dinner. We had a great time. My mother and I walked with the girls to the river and enjoyed ourselves until we were assaulted by ants. There are ants everywhere this summer. What is up with that?

Later we had dinner. We laughed and threw spaghetti at each other. I taught my girls bad things and I am certain I will live to regret it, but it was fun.

We listened to Cordelia tell a ridiculous spooky story that seemed to never end. Seriously, we listened for some time and kept encouraging an ending----finally we just started talking over her as she talked about ghost presents.

Elise wanted to ride a toy car endlessly. She would sit on this tiny plastic car thing and wait impatiently for someone to push her about. Then she would bounce and giggle until the ride was over, then she'd start again.

Then my father popped in some home videos. We saw clips of cousins performing and swimming. We also saw some video footage from when I was just a bit older than Cordelia. Whoa, so many similarities in looks, expression, mannerisms. The word clone was bandied about.

I already see it in Elise too in the over the top expressions. I have a super-expressive face.

Then I thought about how often I am told that I share a lot of similarities with my mother and she with hers and so on back. We each bring our own unique take on things and mix in stuff from our fathers, but there is a common thread. So like me and so like them, what a tradition we ladies are carrying on.


Anonymous said...

Would have loved to see a picture of you and compare!
but you are so right, I share my mom's facial features, and sometimes I glance at a mirror and stop. Did i just see my mom in there? LOL

Victoria said...

So true! What do you do when you see features you don't particularly like? I have had to come to terms with having the "Barringer" jowls, not an easy task! I just bless my Dad for also passing on his great low cholesterol levels! And what's up with that Elise? Do I recall she hated riding in the car? ;)

Sarah Purdy said...

What a sweetie! Yes, I do think we need some side-by-side photos so we can see!

elizabeth said...

love that pic of cordy - she just kills me! she is so pretty!

never-ending stories? isaac does never-ending lego demonstrations . . . :)

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