Monday, June 3, 2013


These two girls. They have me measuring time in shoe sizes and outgrown shirts. They have me loving and loathing the passing days.


Cordelia awoke the other night at 4 and told me that she thought she was born to make the whole world smile. She's has shared this sentiment with me before. I love it.


Elise likes to bark and I think (perhaps wishfully) that she is an animal lover. 


Days are flying by in a blur and I just want to hang on to my little girls. I suppose part of me always will.


These sisters.


My daughters.



Tammie said...

so sweet. i love their matching dresses.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I love watching these girls grow up from afar.

Sarah Purdy said...

Sweet lovely girls.

Michelle said...

I love and enjoy my adult children, but a part of me will alwys miss their little selves.

Mom said...

Yes, part of you always will hold on to your little daughters. I know that is how it works for me!

AKM said...

Cordelia shall become a famous (clean) comedian, and Elise shall become a veterinarian. Later, the two will team up for "The Two Vegan Sisters" Saturday-morning TV show about animals.

Stacy said...

Lovely little girls. And Cordelia makes me smile every time I see her picture. You are blessed as are they to have you.

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