Monday, June 17, 2013

The Weekend to End All Weekends (Monster Blog Part 1)

Well, you might as well get comfortable. Sit back, grab a refreshing drink--some snacks and prepare yourself. Honestly, you might as well get into your pajamas, or jim jams as we call them (we got the term from an Australian show about teen mermaids ok?!), because this might be an all day event and I know you have nothing better to do than sit and read this blog... We're gonna be here for a while, because a LOT happened this weekend. Let's jump into the deep end shall we?

Saturday morning started in a frenzy. We knew that would be our only time for a thorough house cleaning so we just hopped to it. There was mopping and sweeping and vacuuming. Then breakfast and personal grooming of the entire family.

Then, at 9:30, I gave an art lesson for an hour. Right as it was ending Eric made a mad dash out the door and headed for a last minute practice with his band, for a benefit concert at the local park. While he was off doing that I took the girls out for some Father's Day prep and then straight to the concert. We arrived at the park to find a huge event. Honestly I had expected a small crowd, but no way. There were bouncy castles and slides, face painting, booths, a flea market, food, animals, fire hoses, people, people in costumes, etc. My parents joined us and we sat back and watched the show. Elise grooved to the music. Cordelia climbed all over her grandfather.


Cordelia had cotton candy, which she ate like corn on the cob. Afterwards she looked like this.


After that we went home for lunch and Elise's nap. We stuffed our faces and took care of a few loose ends while Elise slept. Then a quick walk with the dogs and we were off again. This time we had a gallery opening to attend. Our appearance was rather quick as by then I had to drop off Eric at a fashion show (he was the event photographer) and skeedaddle home to dress myself and the girls.

When we got home Cordelia had already set out her clothes for the fashion show. She was so crazy excited. I have no idea what she thought was going on, but she was super jazzed. Elise played it cool. We got dressed, I fed the girls and stuffed some random garbage into my mouth as I made my best effort to iron (I am not the ironing type).

We left in a hurry and made it to the fashion show in time for the red carpet.  I should mention that the fashion show was a fundraiser. Eric and I somehow got asked to do a lot for the show and since we are apparently incapable of saying no we ended up with Eric as the photographer, the girls and I walking in the show and two pieces of our art were in the silent auction. It was kind of intense, but it ended up being a fun evening.

Here we are at the red carpet. Photo by E.K. Wimmer (the coolest and most handsome man).


The girls and I were shown backstage and given some directions about our catwalk. The lovely woman, Andi, who was showing us the ropes mentioned, in passing, that Cordelia was going to be a star. WHOA! Cordelia said with incredulity, "I am going to be the star of the show." It went to her head folks. It really did. As she has recounted this story to others she has said, "Everybody kept saying that I was the star of the show. Oh and Elise-y too."

After the quick tour we were free to roam while we waited for the show to start. So we went over by the band so Elise could rock out, both girls love music, but Elise is crazy for a good beat----it's like her dad is a drummer or something.

Then it was time for us to head backstage. We waited around and chatted with some of the others for a bit. Oh wait, I should mention the purpose for the walk. We were invited to do the pre-show, locals showing off their own style. We weren't modeling for a designer or anything.

We lined up backstage. I coached Cordelia not to pick wedgies or put her necklace in her mouth. I hoped Elise wouldn't choose that moment to arch her back and scream in fury, she didn't. We walked onto the catwalk and there was Eric smiling at the end of it. We nailed it. Girls were adorable and I didn't fall.


We walked off the stage and out of the building into the dwindling light of a warm Wyoming evening. I loaded the girls up and drove them home, they were asleep a short time later.

That was just the beginning of our weekend!


Emily said...

What a fun, whirlwind day! Hope you got to rest on Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Maria Rose, you have very sexy legs! I like the collar on the dress too. And Cordelia looks like she did a good job on the runway!

Stacy said...

You all look great!! And yes, Cordelia IS a star!

AKM said...

Three beautiful ladies! I want turquoise Mary Janes...

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