Monday, July 29, 2013

Balloon-less Fun

Annually there is a small hot air balloon festival in our town. Having lived in NM where we were privy to major ballooning events this is small by comparison, but what it lacks in size is matched with enthusiasm. You see while we lived in NM it was common to see balloons all the time (stealth planes too) and people became a little immune to their magic. Not here in windy WY where it is a rarity to see these balloons gently floating by on one of our eleven wind free days (true story I keep a tally) of the year.

So the town was all balloon this weekend. When we heard that they were lighting the balloons downtown on one of our main streets (our town is quaint that way) we couldn't resist taking the girls out and letting them stay up just a bit late. Only when we arrived there were no balloons, only baskets and flames. Whatever, there was a big old street party anyway. Kids were hopping into the baskets as the flames were set off. People were dancing. There was food. There were bubble pools (carefully avoided by those of us who didn't want bubble solution soaked children to ride in the car). It was great.


girls and i
 We look bored, but I swear we all had fun



We stopped by a restaurant where our couple BFFs were having dinner and chatted for a moment. Then we walked over to the gallery where I am represented and enjoyed a drink and conversation. Finally I went home with the girls and Eric stayed downtown to play in a concert.

I love small town life!


Anonymous said...

I love Cordelia's choice of clothing. Does Eric always have that "man" bag with him?

Maria Rose said...

Cordelia spent a ton of time choosing the perfect outfit. Eric is carrying the camera bag.

Emily said...

Family friendly festivals are fantastic. Did you like my alliteration there?! :)

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