Friday, August 2, 2013

Jennifer's Visit 1

Jennifer arrived a few days ago and we've been enjoying and entertaining her since her arrival. She made it to town on Monday evening just in time for dinner. We chatted and enjoyed catching up. Last time she visited Cordelia had been about the age Elise is now.

After dinner it was time for the girls to pass out! We stayed up chatting until the wee hours, or OK, like 10:30 (what? Her time is all mixed up and we're parents).

The next morning we stopped by the library, for the girls, and then wandered around our quaint downtown.  I gave her a little driving tour of the town, careful to point out our oddities: a house with an eyeball window, and the trailer that has a life sized old west diorama (complete with a hanging man).

After lunch and a little nap for Elise we hit up Ft. Caspar for a little taste of our Western culture. We toured the museum and the on site recreation of Ft. Caspar.

Ft Caspar 

Ft Caspar

Ft Caspar

Ft Caspar

Ft Caspar

Later it was dinner at a local Mexican restaurant, or waiter whose second language is English was stopped dead in his tracks when he heard Jennifer's accent. Of course we too have been practicing our accents and asking her a zillion questions about Australia.

After dinner we took a lovely walk through the neighborhood and then put the girls to bed.

More to come tomorrow!


Sarah Purdy said...

Sounds like you're giving her the full Wyoming experience!

Anonymous said...

Love Cordelia's dress.
And it must have been educational to learn all about the indians/natives

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