Saturday, August 3, 2013

Jennifer's Visit 2

Wednesday morning I made pancakes and we enjoyed a rather leisurely start to the day. When we were all finally ready it was time for a quick trip to the lake. We took the thirty minute drive and planned to wade a bit in the lake when we arrived.

We looked out onto the serene waters of the lake. They looked so inviting. Then we noticed a small ripple on the waters, a snake. Bleck.  I don't generally have an issue with snakes. I jsut don't want to accidentally step on one or have my babies do the same. It's no wonder he was there as the water was teeming with minnows. We had fun casting shadows on the water and watching as the minnows darted away from the darkness. Yet, the snake remained.


It would have been fine, but the snake kept swimming to the bottom lurking in the depths. So, opted to avoid a snake encounter and stayed on land.

Jennifer and Cordelia

So we just wandered about, threw some rocks into the water and enjoyed a refreshing drink.


After we were done checking out the lake we headed up to the canyon. I have a fear of heights so this is always a heart in throat experience for me as I obsessively herd my loved ones away from the edges.


Elise and Cordelia


After the lake we journeyed home for lunch and later a visit to the Tate museum. It's the dinosaur museum we visited a few weeks back so I took no more pictures.

My family joined us for dinner and then we all headed to the art museum for a local concert and a look at the artwork. We stood in the back and enjoyed the show. See more photos on my mother's blog here.

Jennifer's visit


Anonymous said...

I am not afraid of heights but afraid of cliffs... so I would just stay in the car, yes I am a party pooper!

Emily said...

The canyon and lake both look beautiful this time of year. So glad you are enjoying your time with Jennifer!

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