Monday, August 26, 2013


This pic is of a dental mirror that we own. Long story... it involves my brother Sam, pencil lead and middle school Tom Foolery.

When I was in high school I went in for a regular dental check-up. Over the course of this visit the dentist announced that I had no wisdom teeth on my bottom row. Score! Since they hadn't taken an x-ray of the top row it was unknown what may be lurking below the gum line (so far you are really into this post aren't you?).

Fast forward a few years and I was in my early twenties, just off of my parent's insurance and without dental coverage of my own. I noticed that I was getting my wisdom teeth. They would poke out and then retreat. I tried to will them away, but they persisted. When they came in they fit and weren't all wonky, they actually pushed my formerly gappy teeth together and that was OK. Although I was pretty sad to lose my ability to shoot streams of water through my front teeth (see this post).

Anyway, the teeth haven't been a major issue so the dentist was fine to leave them, but sadly the day has come. While they are still in fine condition they are a big pain. I bite my own cheeks regularly and cleaning them is a daily chore. So, this morning I bid those chompers adieu. I am headed to the dentist in a couple of hours to have two perfectly good, albeit annoying, teeth ripped from my cranium.

What about you? What's your wisdom tooth/teeth story?


Anonymous said...

oooh not fun! but do have fun eating soft foods!

Sarah Purdy said...

I got all four wisdom teeth out the summer after my first year of college. My then boyfriend and future husband, Josh, drove me home. I remember turning to him in the car afterward, with my mouth full of bloody gauze and still woozy from the meds and slurring, "I looooove you." I'm still shocked that he didn't vomit and even married me later.

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