Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back To School and Wisdom Tooth Update

Yesterday, on our way to the removal of my wisdom teeth, we swung by Cordelia's preschool. We got to do a quick orientation as she was introduced to this year's teacher (they actually already know each other) and got to check out her classroom.

She was beyond excited be back at school. When we arrived there were several of her friends from last year. The sweetness of their reunion was nearly unbearable. So darling!

Back to school
Eric with the girls

 Back to school
Notice the backpack. It reads,"Friendship is Magic."
*Side note: I really tried to get her to fall in love with a plain backpack as I hate advertising for other companies. It's just my thing, but I had to let her pick the pack of her choice. Sigh. She also has a My Little Pony t-shirt. 

** Side note2: Cordelia calls My Little Pony, Honey Pie Pony. She knows the real name, but insists on calling it Honey Pie Pony...

Back to school 
 Getting her picture taken

So she is all set up and ready for day one of Pre-K classes. Ahhh! How did we get here so fast?
Update on Toothectomy:

My teeth were successfully removed. I was not sedated for the procedure so I got to experience something unique.

1. When my dentist pulled out the teeth he said, "Here that snap, crackle, and pop? That's just bone breaking."
2. As he removed teeth he said,"It's a boy." Then showed me my own tooth.
3. I was nervous so I made weird jokes as I always do. Thankfully the dental hygienists were game for it.

I am sore today, but it really isn't so bad.


Anonymous said...

I really like your dentist's sense of humor. It makes an already difficult situation easy to bear.

Stacy said...

Glad things went well with the wisdom teeth. I was completely out with mine.... But NO pain afterwards which was awesome.

And yay for preschool. Glad she's excited for friends and her teacher!

Emily said...

So glad you are doing well! At least you only had two to remove and they had already come through the gums. That being said, cracking of bone doesn't reassure me at all! In fact, it makes me a bit woozie. I hope Miss Cordelia has a great first day of school!

Cody Zieba said...

I kept on laughing as I read the highlights of your toothectomy. Your dentist is so cool! I'm pretty sure he's saying those bloopers just to make you feel relaxed. How do you feel now? Hope the soreness is completely gone! :)

Cody @ ReedOrtho.com

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