Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pre-K as in Pre- Kindergarten!

So this was like four days ago right? Click here

Nope, it has been almost four years since she was born. Miss Cordelia. Our first born.

Today she went back to school. You may remember that she started preschool last year (click here). Now she is in PreK. AHHH! How?!

Here is how it went down. We got up bright and early this morning and had blueberry muffins, raspberries, V8 juice (none for me as I call it scab juice)---as requested by the school girl. Next it was time to get ready. She put on her new back to school dress, a gift from her grandparents. She brushed her teeth. I made a pass through her curly locks with a brush. Then we were off.

first day of prek Cordelia

When we arrived at school it was crazy. All of her friends were there. Hugs all around! Then they ran around like crazy for a bit. Parents were trying to take photos, but the kids were just bananas.

first day of prek Cordelia

first day of prek Cordelia

Finally it was time to go in to her new classroom, see the new teacher, meet her new classmates. She looked a tiny bit apprehensive. I knew she was just trying to figure out the game plan. She likes to know what is happening and when it is going to happen, even if her concept of time is rather limited.

first day of prek Cordelia

We hugged her goodbye. Elise gave her big sister a smooch and shouted, "Bye Bye!" She continued to shout it as we all left and into the car on our way home. I am excited to spend some quality one-on-one time with Elise, something that is more rare for non-first born child.

So we will spend our morning enjoying mother and toddler (really, toddler?) time and before we know it we will be off to pick up Cordelia and to hear all about her first day!


Anonymous said...

I love her polka dot dress and frilly socks, great choice grandparents!

Mom said...

So bittersweet, isn't it?

And thanks, Marie Roxanne. I just went along for the back to school shopping expedition. Cordelia made her own choices. She has delightful taste!

Stacy said...

She looks thrilled. Did your mom make the dress? It's wonderful.

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