Saturday, September 28, 2013


You may recall that we had blizzards in April this year. Well, 2013 is the year of endless winter apparently. Seriously folks, it has already snowed here. The trees were just starting to lose their green when the storm hit. If you aren't from this part of the country you may not realize what that means.

Let me break it down into a mathematical equation for you:

leafy trees + heavy snow= lots of broken tree branches

I went to bed Thursday evening to the sound of a heavy rain. When I awoke, there was silence. The kind of silence that only comes with the muffling effect of snow. Animals were silent, households were slow to get rolling. 

While the girls were thrilled about it, dogs included, we were actually quite lucky.

Phone photos

This tree branch is big. I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but it fell from our tree half in our yard and half in our neighbor's yard, missing our car by a few feet.

We lost a ton of branches, and it was a little frightening driving through town as limbs continued to fall throughout the day.

Phone photos
This bush normally stands about ten feet tall, here it is bowed to about my waist height.

Phone photos

It wasn't a lot of snow and it will be gone today as it is supposed to return to normal fall weather in the 60s and 70s this week. Still, that was our drama.

What is it like where you are?


Marie Roxanne said...

WOW, you have a weird sense of humor "Jack Frost"!

Sarah Purdy said...

Mother nature's way of pruning, I guess.

Sarah Spitz said...

Snow yet. gosh... I really hope for you guys the golden autumn is coming back and brings colorful leaves and golden sunshine...

until than I send you sunshine from Germany (strange in this time of year but true) ...

Love from fatcatconnection

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