Monday, October 7, 2013

Branch Management

Alternative titles for this post include: Branchitis, Out on a Limb, In Limbo, etc.

branch management
Just some of the limbs that we have begun to gather.

The saga continues. I know, you woke up this morning and thought to yourself, "Gee I really want to hear more about this winter storm that happened in Wyoming." Your wish is granted my friend, your wish is granted. Oh, and for more (and some cute pics of my kids) click here. Still not satisfied? Check out my mother's blog too  here and here.

So, to rehash a bit, we had a major winter storm last week. A blizzard if you will. The heavy wet snow landing on trees that still had green leaves meant that there was too much weight for these trees to handle. Trees across town broke. Seriously, limbs are everywhere. I am still hearing limbs drop from trees as I type this post.

Power was out at our house for a total of 21 hours and we still have a few moments where it goes out for a few seconds. Our poor trees and bushes were all hit hard, somebody called it nature's pruning, but if that's how nature does it I think I will stick with an arborist for future pruning. We lost major limbs from the trees in our yard.

Saturday some friends came over with a chainsaw (there was a mad rush for chainsaws and now there are none to be purchased in town) and helped us to chop up the larger branches into manageable piles. Now, we just have to get them to the designated drop off. Anyone with a truck want to help? Speaking of the drop points, there are literally mountains of tree limbs stacked at the drop points, it is amazing!

 We did suffer some damage and I will be calling insurance this morning, after my all important blog post of course. Our back patio roof was damaged. We think there was damage to the roof of our home, but don't know for sure as it still isn't safe to venture up there. Our basement window and screen were broken. Our car windshield was cracked from top to bottom, the hood of our car was given three very large dents.

Dents in the hood of our car

Broken window and screen


Whille bad stuff happened, we are all just fine and those things are just things and they will be repaired in due time. We did learn a few lessons from this storm that I will share with you in a little subtitle I call....

Things we learned from the storm:

1. One thing this storm taught us is that Eric and I are ill prepared for an emergency. When the power went out we pretty much just realized that we are utterly helpless. So now we are gathering an emergency box with a few supplies. While I'd like to establish an underground bunker with its own power, water and ventilation we will have to make due with a little emergency box. Here is what I am planning to put in it:
  • serious flashlights and battery power
  • our insurance info/contact stuff in case we cannot access it another way
  • something that can emit heat without electricity
  • games
  • a little food and water, just enough for a day or two
  • warm things
  • a small medical kit
2. Chainsaws are handy. For some reason I have had sort of an anti-chainsaw position. I think this is because a)I have watched too many horror movies b) I like trees and they are used to hurt trees (single tear for lost trees). Anyway, I am now re-thinking that position

3. A generator seemed like a waste of money. Rethinking this too.

4.People are pretty amazing. We've all, as a community, tackled this problem together. We've helped others, they've helped us. Wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for all this mess... I am reading your blog for a ling time know and I really hoping this time goes away really soon and you and your family can go back to enjoy life!

Love from Granada and the -fatcatconnection-

Emily said...

So sorry about all the damage. You have the right attitude about thing being just things and getting fixed in due time. I'm glad your family is safe, but I know it is a pain to sort through it all.

Sarah Purdy said...

Crazy! I drove through the Tree streets and City Park So. Much. Damage.

We've got a truck! Let's set up a time.

Marie Roxanne said...

So sad. So much mess and damage. I hope the little door and bench etc... are still there in front of the tree? Or did you bring those in last week?

affectioknit said...

So glad everyone is OK...and so sorry about all the damage...I think you have the right attitude about the 'things' though...and also about being're a good Scout...

~Have a lovely day!

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