Tuesday, October 8, 2013

One More Day

Give me one more day to get back on track. I thought today was the day and then I noticed that a branch had knocked off a pressure cap and there was water spewing into our yard. So, while I deal with that to the best of my ability (temporary solution in place now) I will give you a totally random smattering of iphone photos to ponder.

Here is a picture of Elise running on the morning of Cordelia's birthday. One of her favorite activities is running around like a crazy person.

Whenever an unmarked box arrives in the mail I assume it is from my middle brother Ben. Upon opening the box I often find that there is the most bizarre assortment of items (plates of dead presidents, inflatable fish, dragon masks, etc.). There is never a note, that's how I know it is Ben's birthday gift. For Cordelia's birthday we opened this random box and found walkie-talkies, a space helmet, a dozen blinking jelly rings. Cordelia was thrilled.


A neighbor. One of my favorite parts about living in a small town is that we never feel separated from the natural world. For the record the deer are loving all of the downed branches.

OK. Off to deal with reality! All is well, this is just a little clean up.


Emily said...

You can do it, Superwoman!!

Sarah Purdy said...

Sigh. Not another thing! As the snow melts, our yard looks more and more post apocalyptic. It shall all have to wait until the weekend though.

Stacy said...

One thing about this area - a lot of faux deer on lawns. For a second, I thought that was what your photo was of!!

Love the random assortment of birthday gifts. How fun!

Amber said...

I miss seeing neighborhood deer walking around Casper. I have not seen any deer in Thornton, even though we live pretty close to open spaces and some farmland. I hope the fix isn't too hard and doesn't cost too much!

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