Saturday, October 19, 2013


 halloween decorating

I don't think I have ever really decorated for Halloween. It's just not my thing. This year Cordelia wanted to put up decorations and I decided that we could go ahead and do a little decorating. Mostly I just focused on seasonal things like gourds and pumpkins that can be decorative elements for the next month. I did choose a few pieces that we can stash away and bring out annually.

halloween decorating

We also made a couple things during some crafternoon fun.

halloween decorating

halloween decorating

Do you decorate?


Sarah Purdy said...

I love that cat!

Marie Roxanne said...

Do I decorate, yes I do! But not for a specific holiday. I decorate with the seasons.
Fall leaves with oranges, reds, greens, and browns for Autumn.
Winter will be whites and blues, snowmen, snowwomen and snowchildren (Hee Hee) and snowflakes made out of paper.
Summers will be flowers and green plants especially herbs so the whole place smells great!
Spring is for tulips and crocuses.

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