Friday, October 18, 2013


The other day I was knee deep in used tissue. Cordelia was sick. Elise was running a fever too. My body hurt from being snuggled on the couch, holding my two girls. It was good, but my body was aching to be used for more than carrying humans and their laundry.

Sumo on a bridge

When Eric returned from work he was eager to snuggle with sick girls; harder thane being with your sick children is being away from your sick children.

I took the opportunity to get out of the house with the dogs. I bundled up as it was a chilly evening. I leashed the hounds and we rolled out.

I walked quickly, I felt the cold air hit my lungs. I chose hills and let my body work. It was wonderful. I listened to the sound of leaves underfoot. I could smell the wood burning stoves in the neighborhood. Just what I needed!

Can you figure out what is wrong with this picture?


Emily said...

I'm guessing it has to to the with surfboard and lack of ocean in WY? So glad you got to get out and get your blood pumping. It really does wonders both physically and mentally! How's everyone feeling at your house today?

Marie Roxanne said...

Hope everyone is feeling better and you are going to have a great weekend!
Glad Eric gave you some respite from the sick kids. Moms needs those little moments away.

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