Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Pink sky

Cordelia is four. Do you know what that means? She asks questions, all of the time. I love how interested she is in the world and those questions come from a vibrant and curious mind. I just thought today that I would share some of the questions that I regularly hear. I challenge you to, in your mind, answer some of these.

  • Why is the sunset a pinky color?
  • What do you think the robot on Mars is doing right now?
  • What do you think killed all of the dinosaurs?
  • What happens when we get buried in the ground and our faces tear off (UMMM? WHAT!?!?)?
  • Why do I have to poop?
  • Why isn't everyone vegan?
  • When will I die?
  • When will ____ die?
  • How come the Earth puts a shadow on the moon?
  • Is everybody in Australia having breakfast now (at night here)?
  • Why can't dogs talk?
  • Why are people sometimes mean?
  • What makes wind?
  • Why is Pluto not a planet?
  • Why can't I have dessert for breakfast?
  • Why do I have to brush my hair?
  •  Why do dogs have to have baths?
  • What is my destiny?---I kid you not!
I think you get the idea. She has questions for every second of every day. She wants to know about the world, the stars, people, animals, food, interactions, etc. I love how often her questions give me pause as I reflect on the answer I want to give, the best answer. For instance yesterday she wanted to know about war (it was Veteran's Day) and she'd heard information about how the Veteran's protect us from bad guys.While I appreciate that someone was just trying to explain things in a simple way I couldn't let that stand. So we ended up having a discussion about how there are not really many bad people, but people who do bad things or different things. I felt good about it and then the mother in me had to remind her not to talk to strangers, you know because they could be bad guys, and of course things went forward from there. I have no idea what she retained from that or any conversation we have, but at least we are both talking and thinking about the world in which we live.


Marie Roxanne said...

You're doing a great job mothering Maria Rose and Cordelia is doing a great job being a kid.
I went through that(with my now 27 year old)and I thought it was the most funnest and most educational and most precious phase of our lives.
Enjoy it!

Marie Roxanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah Purdy said...

This is such a fun age!

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