Wednesday, November 6, 2013



Today I am feeling a little scattered. Not together enough for a one topic post. I was out running errands earlier and I mentally tried out a few post ideas, but they were silly. So I have to just face the music.Please join me for a lazy random post.

  • First off if you are looking for quality posting please check here and here. The posts are emotionally intelligent and thought provoking, not something you're gonna find here today.They will fill you in a way I may not today.
  • I am currently sipping on some Evening in Missoula tea. I am not in Missoula and it is not evening so it's kind of transformative. OK, not really, but I am crazy for the tea. I got a huge pack of it while we were there a few weeks ago and I hope it will last me through until our next visit, but I am doubtful.
  • Speaking of Missoula, there is still an explosion of kid stuff in the backseat of the car from our trip. I am going to play the weakling card here and say that it was all due to the strep throat that I have yet to clean out the backseat, but I am just not ready to face that nightmare. I am mostly certain that there are not going to be any surprises when I do get around to cleaning out the backseat. When I say surprises I know most other mothers know what I mean, no sippy cups with congealed fluids, no diapers tied up in plastic bags (what it happens yo).
  • So do you remember how I had strep throat and I lived in denial about it for over a week? I was pretty sure my vegan powers could overcome any illness, but the strep proved to be too strong. Anyway, that week of insane coughing caused a weird injury I have torn a muscle or cracked a rib. My rib hurts and it has for a couple of weeks now. I have consulted professionals who have told me there is nothing to do but wait for SIX WEEKS for the injury to heal. Boo! So, I have been trying my hardest not to be a whiner about it, but I think I am still a bit pathetic.
  • Last week while I was working at the gallery an older man came in and told me that aging was horrible. I now live in fear. He really didn't sugar coat it for me. He also told me his memory was shot and that he would forget me the next time we met. Is that a cop out? I kind of think it is.
  • I have been busy painting to prepare for a solo show I have opening in February. In September it seemed like a long way off, but now that it is November I am starting to feel the pressure. I gotta get painting!
  • OK I am going to play with a little baby while her big sister is at school. What is random in your life?


Sarah Purdy said...

Thanks for the shout out. You're too kind. I love your random posts because they make me feel like we're just sitting around chatting (drinking tea, speaking in complete sentences, making eye contact, dressed flawlessly, rested...hey, a girl can dream, right?!).

Emily said...

Random today:
I am mopping the floors while the kids are at school. But really, why? As soon as they get home there will be a snack and dinner and one would never know the difference. But I I digress.

Wish I could drink some tea with you too!

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