Monday, December 16, 2013

A Small Adventure

Late yesterday morning we were preparing for our usual drive and coffee. Eric ran into the coffee shop to grab our coffee, apple juice for the girls, while we waited in the car. The girls were entertaining each other and I took a moment to check Facebook. I noticed a second post from Wyoming Basset Rescue, asking for help in locating a lost basset in a neighboring community. I had reposted their initial notice to keep an eye out for him and I was sad to realize that he had spent the night outside, it would have been very cold, but probably survivable. The second post again mentioned that he had been lost nearby, but he could truly be anywhere as it had been quite some time since he'd gotten loose.

I guess the story is that he was just introduced to a new foster home and, as hounds do, followed his nose out an open door and out into the great wide world.

Eric and I decided to take our usual Sunday drive in the general vicinity. When we got there we told Cordelia to keep on the lookout and we each scanned the community as we drove randomly up and down the streets. The whole situation felt pretty hopeless. Cooper, the basset had been missing for so long. He could have been taken in by someone, gotten out of the town, worse...

We drove for probably half an hour when the girls started to complain for lunch. I told Eric that I would start to head back. In my heart I said a little prayer, hoping to find this poor dog. Not one second later I spotted him, probably a hundred yards away, just a smudge of copper and white in the yellowed grasses of a nearby field. "I SEE HIM! IT"S HIM!!" I blurted it out, not even thinking for a second that it could be a different dog, at that distance he was just a blur of dog, not distinguishable as basset. I drove closer and Eric was able to spot him as well.

We were all getting really excited. We posted on the Facebook page, trying to get someone to help us. We called the rescue which is based in a town about 3 hours from us, but we were very nervous that we'd lose him before anyone nearby could arrive to help. We rolled down the windows and called to him. He perked his ears up, definitely reacting to his name, but when he caught sight of Eric he bolted.

I drove around the field, using some pretty spectacular driving moves (if I do say so myself) and dropped Eric off at the nearest vantage point. Eric realized that Cooper was limping and went after him. There was a foot chase. Eric stepped in a cactus, but he powered on. I drove around the field, herding Cooper to the best of my ability. Finally, Cooper bolted and hit the road. I picked up Eric and we drove alongside Cooper, careful not to hit him, and I was able to herd him into a gated property that was something of a junkyard/parking lot for semi trucks. He ran to the back of the property and hid beneath a semi, trapped! We knew we had him then!

Eric was able to slowly coax the frightened pup out from beneath the semi and I contacted the rescue. They sent someone to pick him up. Once Eric had him in hand we loaded him to the back of our vehicle and offered him cereal, only food we had, and some water. He was tired, a bit frightened, but absolutely relieved.

I can't even express to you how good that felt. We, of course, said no way to a reward and were just walking on air all day! Cordelia said, "I hereby declare this family animal rescuers."


Unfortunately Cooper is still waiting to find his forever home, but for now he is safely at his foster home. I am sure he is being loved up and well fed after a night that was probably pretty miserable.

Finally, Wyoming Basset Rescue is the group that helped us to find our much loved Atomic Betty Sprinkles. She, and Bumblebe, are featured in their 2014 calendar (click here to buy/ support the rescue).

Tonight, as I watched Betty and Bumblebee play with Elise I was so thankful that we had rescued them. Our lives are much richer for the experience. I encourage you to look into animal rescue if you feel you could give an animal, any animal, a loving home!


Mom said...

That is such a wonderful story and I love Cordelia's declaration about your family! You guys are as good as the Wonder Pets!

Try this one...
Wonder Wimms
Wonder Wimms
We're on our way!
To help a pet
And save the day!

affectioknit said...

What an AMAZING story! glad you found him...

~Have a lovely day!

Sarah Purdy said...

What a wonderful story! I'm so glad you were able to help Cooper.

Marie Roxanne said...

So glad you found him. I wonder what is was about Eric that scared Cooper? Anyways, glad he was "caught"! and is now safe.

Emily said...

Hip Hip Hooray! What an awesome story. I do recall Eric rescuing a runaway dog while I was there visiting a few years ago. This seems to be your calling in life! :)

Stacy said...

Love it! Good job. So glad you took the time to find and save him.

Kate said...

I LOVED this post!

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