Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dear Snow, You're Fickle


Oh snow, you're so fickle. You sweetly darkened the skies so that our children sleep until after 7am! Seriously, I was so confused when I looked at the clock this morning and I was the first one up. Don't think I am well-rested I was up in the night with both girls, but oh the filtered light of a snow covered morning really allowed for some make-up Zzz's.

You muted the sounds of neighbors preparing for work and suburban dog barks that normally create quite the morning time cacophony. Instead I swear I could hear individual snowflakes falling in soft succession, beautiful.

You blanketed the dog poo in the back yard with a coat of cottony white. Now I can put off poop scooping for a different day! Seriously, that was good, you totally did me a solid there (pun intended).

Your low cloud cover held in a tiny bit of heat so it isn't unbearably cold. I think we could get along. The low clouds also made the winds disappear and for that we can all stand up and cheer. I got your back snow.

Oh wait, what was that? I have to go out today?

Snow, once so beautiful has turned vengeful. Icy roads combined with the "Wyoming Independent Spirit" (no idea who I am quoting there, just seemed like the thing to do) has led me to spend the morning drive to school clutching the steering wheel as I dodge bad drivers.

Snow, you made me use 4wd and about a zillion gallons of gas, that's just wasteful snow. Why can't we reach an agreement, you fall everywhere except the roads? Deal?

Oh well, I guess we can just let bygones be bygones for now. I think I will go and have some vegan hot chocolate with rice whipped cream. Take that snow!

Oh and for the casual reader, sorry to personify snow today. It's a literary device, just roll with it, or don't that's fine too. 


Sarah Purdy said...

I am in appreciation of your personification of today's precipitation.

Marie Roxanne said...

you are telling my story... I almost did all of that yesterday except for the doggie poop, cause I don't have dogs... LOL

Emily said...

It really is a love/hate relationship. :)

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