Thursday, December 5, 2013

Half of My Life

16 years ago today Eric and I became a couple. We have been together for half of my life (he's a year older so he will get to say that in 2014). I cannot believe that, sixteen years together and I am still loving him more each day! We were married in 2001, but we started dating (or whatever) in 1997.

It's the strangest thing because it seems like I was 16 just a moment ago, and yet here we are with years of evidence to the contrary. Educations, moves, pets, children, homes, jobs, careers, all of it together. I locked it in early, thank goodness, because I knew Eric was a quality piece of man meat (sorry that I called you that Eric, but apparently not too sorry to correct it) and he has proven to be an amazing husband, father, friend over the years and he has never once let me down in any of those areas.

The best part of these last 16 SIXTEEN years, laughing with each other every single day.

Masquerade 2013


Annual dinner

Happy anniversary


Sarah Purdy said...

16 years! Wow! Happy anniversary!

Marie Roxanne said...

You two make a great couple and hope you have lots more to share in the years to come!
Love reading your blog and getting to know your family from afar. Hope someday I can meet you in real life!

Tammie said...

happy anniversary! i love this, i love you and your family and i love that ive gotten to know you through the interwebs. heres to 16 more years!

Victoria said...

Hope you had a lovely evening...cold and all. Love you guys

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