Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hand Made For Christmas

We are trying to do a mostly homemade Christmas this year. Obviously we won't get off the hook without a little MLP (My Little Pony) gear, but we are working to make stuff for our girls, family, friends this year. What we cannot make ourselves we are looking to outside sources like other artists and crafters. I am finishing up paintings for the girls, a long overdue quilt will be completed (with a little help from my mother) there will be new hats and scarves.

Are you doing the same? Eric and I are both artists and we are selling for Christmas as well. We have original paintings on the higher end as well as prints and linocuts for most every budget. Here is our website Just email us to ask about prices as they vary from work to work (maria @ planetwimmer . com)

Here are several of Eric's linocuts that are available.





Here are a few pieces I have ready for print. All prints are singed and numbered, printed on high quality paper.




If you are making a purchase at Wyoming Rose Boutique (click here) use the coupon code:
This code will automatically give you a 15% discount on any of our items, 
including the brand new ones.  


Sarah Purdy said...

I absolutely love my penguin and flamingo prints!

Michelle said...

Enjoyed your art exhibit today!

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