Monday, December 9, 2013

Kindness Bandit: Toys For Tots

Cordelia's Sunday school, with the help of the church, raised a significant sum of money to donate to Toys for Tots (click here). If you aren't farmiliar, the group accepts donations of gifts and/or money to buy and distribute new gifts to children who would otherwise not receive anything for the holiday. We even got to hear, from someone we know, a very personal story about how this charity made a huge impact at a very troubled time in their own life.

Yesterday Cordelia's entire Sunday school divided up the money between the kids and each kid got to choose gifts for children in need. The age groups needed were 0-3 and 7-16 in both genders. Cordelia was able to shop for over $200 in gifts for other children. She had a great time and was encouraged by the Marines who came to help with the event.


My mother, Eric, Elise and I tagged along to help her make age appropriate choices. She had such a fun time and never once did she ask to have the stuff for herself. When we were done she happily handed each gift up to the cashier and smiled with pride at her choices. What a treat it was to be a part of some giving and I couldn't be happier that Cordelia was so pleased to give!


Michelle said...

Such a great project (and I love that photo of Cordelia on the back of the cart)!

Marie Roxanne said...

I enjoyed reading that she didn't ask for anything herself, she is raised by good parents, you and Eric.
I am proud of both of you and your children.

Sarah Purdy said...

What a great idea! Cordelia looks so proud.

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