Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Not for the Weak

I went to undergraduate school in Missoula, MT. While there I happened to be in a random history class and we were all asked to tell something about our hometowns as a way to get to know each other ('cuz no bond is more lasting than those formed in forced discussion). Anyway, I made note of a girl from Wyoming. She mentioned that in her town, one known for being windy, that on very gusty days the water in the basement toilet would sway with the winds. I assumed that meant that she had some sort of ramshackle home and that the wind wasn't really that intense.

I assumed wrong.

Photo by my hubby E.K. Wimmer

This morning, over a warm breakfast, my husband and I gazed passively at the curtains blowing in the wind. Let me assure you that our doors and windows were closed. I will admit that we need new sliding glass doors, but I am holding out for french doors (when will my french door genie arrive?!?!), and new windows are needed too, but we definitely do not live in a ramshackle house. The wind is so intense that I am pretty sure that the toilet water in the basement is swaying.

Hold on, let me check....confirmed!

While we are grateful that the temperatures are above 0F, the wind chill still makes it feel -5F, so whatever to that. You know, this weather has been weirdly intense. The poor dogs haven't been on a walk in a week, they give up after five minutes in the backyard and do that thing that lizards do on hot sand.
Imagine this, only swap snow for sand and basset hounds for the lizard.

Photo by my hubby E.K. Wimmer 

There are several bright sides to this situation:
1) The remaning branches (broken in an early storm) are now falling from the trees. Bonus, exercising your cat like reflexes as you dodge them.
2) No body image issues for anyone, thick layers of clothing have leveled the playing field and nobody is even kind of thinking about how they look in a swimsuit.
3)Lots of family time indoors. Hot soy chocolate milk aplenty. Tea too.
4) Free defensive driving practice. Everywhere. All the time.

Photo by my hubby E.K. Wimmer 
I think the temps are supposed to rise to above freezing before the end of the week. WAHOOO! Until then, we are snug and happy, thankful for a roof over our heads and 4wheel drive. Truly, while this weather is cold we are in awe of the beauty that accompanies it. Oh, and Wyoming wildlife is hardcore tough. Seriously, they just go about their business like it ain't no thang!

Photo by my hubby E.K. Wimmer 
Photo by my hubby E.K. Wimmer 


Michelle said...

Yessiree, I have definitely seen the toilet water phenomenon many times! (And thanks to Eric for the great photos.)

Sarah Purdy said...

Despite the cold, it really has been beautiful at times. Yesterday when the sun was shining, making the snow sparkle...that was pretty. And when a huge gust of wind would pick up the sparkling snow and it looked like fairy dust ...that was magical (until it hit you in the face..ouch!). And the wind blown snow dunes that formed, creating a smooth crust of untouched, unblemished surfaces...that was cool, too. Still...I'm ready for the slushy, melty, messy, warmer magic now! :)

Victoria said...

...and I thought we were cold! Yow!

Mom said...

Me, too, regarding the toilet water. Last night's wind was just ridiculous and LOUD! I love the lizard video.

Marie Roxanne said...

I haven't experienced the toilet water swaying but I think it would be awesome to see! It's now always below zero at my end of the world. Wish I could have some heat in the bathroom, seating on a cold porcelain throne is no fun. I am thinking of getting a soft seat, they aren't so cold as the hard ones.

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