Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snow Globe Livin'

Today it is colder than cold. I am wearing layers and layers of clothing, my kids too. This came at no small cost as Cordelia is all about texture and comfort, she was not into the abundant, stifling, layers of clothes.

Driving is slow. Roads are icy and the snow continues to accumulate. I had to remember how to use the back windshield wiper. This always means that the truck looks as though it is having some sort of electric malfunction as I flash lights and spray things in my attempt to find the back wiper.

I have some errands to run this morning, but I am looking forward to hunkering down. The heater is on. The dogs and children are ready to snuggle. 

Stew or something slow cooker made will be on the dinner menu. Hot rolls. Tea. All great for the heart in a storm.

Tonight I am thinking about breaking out the My Little Pony board game ( we know how to par-tay) that we found at a thrift store. Hot chocolate and popcorn for all, exept Eric as he refuses to accept chocolate into his heart.

What is it like where you are?


Sarah Purdy said...

Your day sounds absolutely lovely, except less errands and more hot chocolate. I'd be happy to drink Eric's share! We're crockpotting it up today too!

Marie Roxanne said...
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Marie Roxanne said...

Sounds like a nice day!
Here it is warmer than the past few days but the ground is mushy and wet.
Too bad Eric won't take on chocolate, I wonder if he knows what he is missing? LOL

Michelle said...

Your Grandma Grace and I are part of a Tuesday morning Bible Study. All of us are in the senior citizen category. A look out the window today made us decide we'd all be better off staying indoors today! (The way this winter started out when the calendar said it was barely fall, makes me wonder how many Tuesdays we'll manage to meet.)

Mom said...

Stay warm!

Emily said...

I think we're about to get some of your weather up there. The jet stream likes to push it down our way after its done with you guys up there. Although to a lesser degree. But nevertheless, the weather guys down here have everyone in a tizzy. There's 'bout to be some icy weather here folks, so stock up on all the essentials and build a bunker cause the world as we Okies know it is about it end! :) I may have just exaggerated a bit. Maybe. Sounds like a perfect winter day at your house!

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