Friday, January 17, 2014

Andy and Anne Visit

Andy and Elise
Andy and Elise select a book to read

 Anne and Cordelia
Anne and Cordelia read. 

Andy, Anne, Sarah (behind the plant), Ari and Elise

Cordelia (in white) and her BFF Sadie


Sarah and the littlest kids
Sarah with the kids. Our friends all take childhood literacy very seriously.

Ari, just cruisin'

Dinner party. Chocolate on my teeth

Eric and Andy
Eric and Andy

 My dad, Elise, Anne, Andy
The next day, waiting for Andy's concert. My dad with Elise, Anne and Andy

This is what Elise did during the show, oh and run around like a crazy person. Cordelia sat with her friends and I suspect that their parents don't want me to post their children's photos without permission. Also, why I am not showing Andy perform.

Dad and I
My dad and I at lunch with the crew

Cordelia and Anne
Anne and Cordelia

group photo
Trying to get a group photo

Group photo
We did!

Andy and Anne were only really here for one day so we tried to pack as much as we could into this visit. They are moving to Mexico next month and it may, or may not, be a while until we see each other again. The great thing about old friendships is how naturally and smoothly everything goes, things just fall into a wonderful rhythm. Elise, who'd only met them once before seemed to know them already. She took to them pretty instantly. Wednesday night we had the Wolfpack join us for dinner as Sarah and Anne have become online friends. It was nice. The kids played, the adults chatted, there was some chocolate. Thursday morning Andy put on a show for Cordelia's preschool. She was mighty proud to introduce the star to her friends! We also had a quick mall lunch with my parents before Andy and Anne hit the road. Since they left Elise keeps asking "Ananan? (Andy and Anne)" and throwing her hands up in the air.

Have fun in Mexico!


Tammie said...

i love the chocolate on your teeth photo. you are so sexy.

Maria Rose said...

Thanks Tammie, I really try.

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