Saturday, January 18, 2014

Quiet and Good




Yesterday was a quiet day spent mostly at home with the girls. We made one quick outing to the store. The highlight of that journey was when I retrieved a reusable bag that went blowing waaaaaay across the ginormous parking lot and Cordelia called me a hero (brushes dust off lapel). I did some housework. We played dress up. We ate food. The girls were bathed and their nails were painted at their request. Quiet and good. How was your day?


Carmen said...

Beautiful photo of Cordelia. Sounds like a nice day :)

Mom said...

Oh, I love those faces! That sounds like a perfect day. Mine was not as sweet but it was productive. That brings its own kind of satisfaction.

Sarah and Josh said...

Sounds like a nice day! I think that's what our Saturday is going to look like (after an excellent walk, that is...)

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