Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Last night the girls and I met my mother for shopping and later Sam joined us for some dinner. My mom needed a new dress. I needed a little coat or something to go with my new dress for the opening on Friday. The girls wanted anything with pink or sparkles (their grandmother obliged them). I was also gathering elements for a gift for Sam. Let me tell you what I gathered:
  • A wastebasket
  •  kitchen towels
  •  wash rags
  • a spatula
  • measuring cups
  • cutting board and knife

Can you guess why I was buying Sam all of this? Yep, he just got the keys to his first rental! My baby brother is moving out on his own.


Over dinner he told us the details of the space and seemed to want us to know it wasn't fancy. Ha! I remember how small and funky some of the first places that Eric and I lived. Sam is much younger than I am and I think his point of comparison might be a bit skewed as his siblings are both home owners now. I reminded him of some of the dungeon garden apartments and insane neighbors we had over our years of renting. I think that the world of rental is what prepare us for the real world. Do you remember your first place? 

After dinner we drove to his new digs and walked through the empty house. My mother and I both gave him advice in the way that mothers and sisters will do. You know, don't lock yourself out of your room. Clean the dryer vent, get some new fire alarms, etc.  He took it all in stride, as though he's heard it all before.

The girls ran wild through the empty space as we all checked it out. My youngest brother is growing up.


Marie Roxanne said...

What a special gift. Are you going to give him your recipe book you are writing(supposedly that is almost finished right?)
I am glad he likes his new "pad" but I worry about the carpet... carpets are yucky and they harbor creatures you don't know they're there until they crawl up your leg or your face while sleeping! EWWWW

Sarah Purdy said...

Congrats Sam! A very exciting step indeed!

Anne Jezek said...

Welcome to "adulthood" Sam! Or at least bills and that feeling of ridiculously wonderful freedom!! Enjoy it all. :)

Emily said...

Wow! What a big deal! You always remember your first place. :)

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