Thursday, February 6, 2014

Odds and Ends

Odd: The recent cold weather has created sundogs, or parhelion, (click here) for the past two mornings. Yesterday there were two sundogs, plural parhelia---seriously just got that info from Wikipedia I am not a solar info savant. We were able to see the beautiful phenomenon each time, pretty darn spectacular.

End: If you live in Florida or Hawaii do not message me about how you read my post from the beach, lol. I will send you an icy stare that will freeze your bikini. It will not be good.

Odd: My muscles are sore from shivering in the cold. Perhaps I should layer myself as much as I layer clothes on the girls.

End: We are at the end of one phase with Elise. She is now speaking in sentences. For example this morning she asked,"More juice daddy, please." Bye bye baby girl (I can't cry it's too cold and my tears will freeze), hello toddler.Untitled

Odd:  I just drove by the college and spotted a student wearing a super cute outfit with only a thin cotton sweater for warmth. I am sorry to say that looking hot will not fight off -24F. Bummer.

End: I hope the days of dress up continue into the forseeable future. I love little girls in their ensembles. This little number was for the occasion of My Little Pony play.Untitled

Odd: Sarah and I were walking the other day and spotted a little girl wearing this (click here). I know a certain 4 year old who would freak out over this. MLP marketers are genius.

End: Of this post. What are your odds and ends?


Marie Roxanne said...

if you get that little pony coat, be prepared for her to wear it ALL the time and also in bed! LOL

Sarah Purdy said...

They have a name! And it's not "snowbows"?? Brilliant. It is ding dong dang cold. Thanks for the odds n' ends.

Emily said...

It's cold here too, but not that cold. Stay warm, WYO friends!

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