Monday, February 24, 2014

Opening Night

Friday was much anticipated for two reasons, the first you already know about---the show of my new work opened. The second, more important reason, was that Eric had finally returned from his artist residency. He'd been away for two loooong weeks (the two weeks that the girls and I were sick). I will tell you more about that in the coming days.

Anyway, I woke up on Friday morning and immediately started texting Eric. Have you left? Then I took sad face pictures of the girls and sent them to him to urge him on his journey. Then we started prepping for the day. I took care of a few last minute details for the show. I ran some errands. Then at lunch time Eric was back!!!!

Over the course of the afternoon Eric prepared an awesome playlist for the show which featured only bands that had animals or royalty in their names of song titles. He did this because my show, called Kingdom, featured a bunch of animals in crowns. I also made cookies for the show, because that's how I roll.

We got ourselves ready. Cordelia spent the greatest amount of time preparing herself (dress, fancy hat, scarves, purse, makeup--chapstick). We hustled out the door and piled into the car. While we pulled out of the garage I noticed the first flakes starting to fall and I thought to myself, "Well...we'll see if anyone comes out into the snow for the opening."

When we arrived we walked into the gallery and people were already starting to show up. The place filled up with friends, family, strangers, and the big surprise was my aunt and uncle came in from out of town! I was totally floored by the turn out. I received such kind words and generous gestures...I really felt undeserving of such an outpouring. I mean, if only I could hold up a reflector and shoot that goodness back out at the world...ugh, I know, I am totally a cheese-ball (a vegan cheese-ball, ah-thank-you-ah-very-much). I went home after the opening and, even though my voice was fading and I was totally wiped out, I was filled with joyful gratitude. How wonderful to be surrounded by such amazing people!

The show was quite a success. Honestly, I couldn't be happier. I sold well. I made some great connections. I had a great time. The kids had fun---they were there for about an hour before my parents took them home and put them to bed.  Now I am ready to get back to painting!

While the show sold really well there are a few pieces left. I you are interested in a price list of available works just email me. Otherwise, I will have giclee prints available for online sale in the coming weeks!

The show, empty and full

Kingdom Show 2014
My bestie

Kingdom Show 2014

Kingdom Show 2014

Kingdom Show 2014
Artist statement

Kingdom Show 2014

Kingdom Show 2014

Kingdom Show 2014
Eric at the show. Photographers love to have their photos taken. Trust me...

Kingdom Show 2014
My friend, artist and gallery owner, Zachary Pullen


affectioknit said...

How exciting! The show looks amazing!

I wish I could have been there...

~Have a lovely day!

RunwithSticks said...

So great! I love all the ones I've seen - that Walrus looks awesome, the Panda, the Flamingo... I could go on and on. I'm so happy for you about the turn out and the sales! Great job Maria :)

Sarah Purdy said...

So happy for you!

Marie Roxanne said...

The show looked great! Wish I could have shared it with you but I am too far away.
I love that you made cookies because that's how you roll... LOL

Victoria said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful! I am so glad Eric was back for your opening!!! BIG Congratulations on your successful show!!

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