Tuesday, February 25, 2014


So I mentioned yesterday that Eric has just completed an artist residency. This was a big deal for him and for our family. He spent two weeks away from us and focused all day every day on his art!


For those of you who may not be farmiliar with residencies they are a pretty amazing opportunity. First, of course, is the time and space to work---uninterrupted. There often are opportunities to meet others in the field and do some networking or collaborative work. Finally, it is good for the resume.

So, Eric and I carefully planned it out. It was hard for him to be away from his family, especially with two very little ladies, but we decided that the potential benefits were worth the sacrifice. For the record, this is the longest that he and I had been apart since we became a couple in 1997. It was weird all around.

While he was away I held down the fort. It was not so difficult, just a little lonely. Having two sick kids and being ill myself made for a kind of intense time, but it would have been intense either way. Thankfully I had friends and family who were willing to stop by to give me a little company or a few minutes to take a stress free shower; as opposed to those showers that I had to listen for a crying baby, those were fast showers as apparently everything sounds like a crying baby when you are listening for one.

We did sneak away a couple of Saturdays ago and drove up to visit Eric for a couple of hours, but all in all it was quite a break from the norm. Thankfully we live in a day and age where we were able to text and facetime (or face mask as Cordelia calls it) so we felt connected in spite of the distance.

Now, Eric is home with an amazing new body of work that is museum ready! Hopefully this experience will continue to move him forward in his artistic career.


Sarah Purdy said...

Glad he got to go, looking forward to seeing his work and glad he's back!

Victoria said...


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