Friday, February 21, 2014

Project: Spray Tie Dye

Yesterday evening I decided to do a little project with the girls. It was super easy adn would be even easier as a summer project.

You will need: Spray tie dye (it is easy to find now), t-shirts or whatever you like, rubber bands, dryer

tie dye

First you tie off the shirts with rubber bands. I did this as my girls don't yet have the dexterity to tie them of tightly.

tie dye

Next you wet the shirts. Get the kids in on this one. Just wring them out so they aren't sopping wet.

Spray the dye as you like. Bigger kids will enjoy this part. I placed mine in a leftover lettuce tub. Easy clean up.

tie dye

Lay flat to dry. I set them on some plastic bags to dry overnight.

When dry put in a warm dryer for 20 minutes. Done deal.

tie dye

The girls wore them with pride throughout the day. Usually people noticed Cordelia's and asked her about it and Elise would hold up her shirt and announce, "too!"


Michelle said...

Adorable photo of the girls in their new shirts!

Marie Roxanne said...

Cordelia looks so proud! I love the shirts, perhaps I can try one for myself someday.
And the lettuce tub? = genius!

affectioknit said...

Those are really cute...and much less messy than traditional tie-dye...

~Have a lovely day!

Sarah Purdy said...

Very cute! Cordy looks so proud! You've inspired me to get out the kit you got for Sadie!

Mom said...

Well, having been a teen in the 70's, I don't know if I can approve of this new cheating way of tie-dyeing. I don't think it counts unless you've dripped dye around your kitchen a bit more than that. They sure did look cute in them, though~

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