Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I remember a time, not so long ago, when a snow storm elicited delighted squeals from myself and our daughters, thankfully Eric is not a squealer. I would wax poetic about the silence of snow at night, the glittery sparkle of sunshine on clean white snow. Now, I am totally over it. We all are. Don't get me wrong, pretty snow is beautiful and magical, but the winter you get at this point is far from magical. Winter in February can be brutal, unrelenting, cold, icy, and soooo past the glory days. It's kind of like a washed out pop star singing the same hit over and over and over and over again. Oh look, the weather, it's snow--- AGAIN!

Oh don't worry I am not getting all complain-y here, that's not for this blog. I am not too much of a whiner, but I do need to set up the blog post for today. I need you to feel this cold with me and to roll your eyes at yet another snow storm.You see it started to fall a little bit at first, but soon there was some serious accumulation....another storm!

On our drive home from preschool pick up Cordelia was asking about rain and lightning and hail. She sighed and exclaimed, in her dramatic way," When is winter ever gonna be done?!" I laughed and told her that spring would be here before we knew it. I said that even as I peered past the frozen patch on the windshield that the wipers cannot seem to clear.

So it came as no surprise later that afternoon when my strong willed four year old and her willing accomplice put on their raincoats and rain boots. They ignored the mountains of snow just beyond the walls of our home, transported to some magical place like the pacific northwest. There were deep puddles and big raindrops and snails and slugs. We spent some time pretending that a spring storm had popped up in our living room. I prepared dinner while I sent them in search of imaginary worms. Cordelia picked me a bouquet of flowers that smelled "exactly like a rainbow."



Soon enough the real thing will be upon us. I can almost feel those cold raindrops on my skin and hear the roll of distant thunder. Yet, this morning the snow sure is sparkling in the sunlight and that is good too.

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Sarah Purdy said...

Love it! I'm ready for a good 'ole summer rain storm too.

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