Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Month With Less

I think most anyone who knows Eric and I can tell you how thrifty we are. We generally buy second hand. Today my entire wardrobe (unders excepted) is thrifted. That is usually how we do things. It is economical, less wasteful, and generally cool. Eric and I started thrifting in earnest in high school, though I was raised a thrifter. I thought thrifting was an awesome way to wear clothes that didn't look like the same thing that all of my peers were wearing. In case you are wondering I was indeed the only girl in my high school who wore a 70s ball gown to school. I am sure my parents were happy that my thrifting style was sort of like a protective shield against boys.

Now, well into adulthood our thrifting and scavenging has expanded to include our home (couch was a curbside find at out neighbor's house), for our kids, our art. I have evolved from the 70s ballgown (more or less) and now I mix and match thrifty with new bits here and there. Eric does the same. 

With that said, we still do buy a lot of stuff brand new. Just a Frozen movie here, some new shoes there. You know, stuff. Eric and I have been talking a lot about the stuff that we choose to have in our lives. We are pretty good at editing ourselves with the exception of creative supplies, but we still could be a bit more mindful about the things that we choose to bring into our home.

The only relation to this post is that this was in a thrift store.

Eric and I decided that we are going to challenge ourselves to go a month without buying anything new. Obviously there are a few caveats. 
1. Food, we don't have a homesteader setup. We will be buying food. However we will work to buy more whole foods, something we are already pretty good at.
2. Hygiene stuff. I am not making my own toilet paper. There are a few other products that fall into the hygiene category that I don't really need to outline, but I think you get the idea.
3. Art or craft supplies. We will try to find alternatives first, and we already have a strong stockpile, but if we sell a piece that needs a frame we have to frame it. Sometimes it is difficult to find the correct size frame second hand...then you have to  refurbish it with paint. 

So. We are taking this weekend to prepare. This means we are advance buying a couple of birthday gifts for people who probably wouldn't appreciate  handmade. I am also going to buy a new pair of shoes, try finding vegan size 12 lady shoes at a thrift store! Then, on Monday we are going to start a month without buying anything new. I will report back to you as the month goes on. Care to join me?


affectioknit said...

Good luck!

~Have a lovely day!

Marie Roxanne said...

I will join you, I hardly ever buy anything brand new, except food, toilet paper etc...
I buy most things at second hand stores, but I will try not to buy anything there either for the month.
When are you starting? April 1?

Maria Rose said...

We start Monday!

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