Friday, March 21, 2014

Project: Planting Time

No matter that the temperature is hovering right around the freezing point. We are going to make it spring through our strong will. Yesterday I took to the annual task of re-potting plants, giving new soil to those who need it and we started our seedlings to be planted outdoors as soon as the threat of frost has left us.

I led the girls in a huge mess making bonanza yesterday afternoon The kitchen floor was covered in dirt as we lifted out plants, shook off the excess dirt and re-potted or just refreshed the soil. The plants were watered and large leaves were wiped down, fresh and ready for a new year.  Next we pulled out the seeds and our first seed tray of the season. It's nice to get a head start on the short Wyoming growing season.

The girls really worked to help plant the seeds. It took an extra dose of patience on my part as little hands were quite grabby and seeds were flung about willy-nilly. We may have a few mystery plants, but all-in-all I think we got the job done.





When we were done Elise took care of the sweeping and Cordelia gave the newly planted seeds a thorough soaking.




Mom said...

I love how you mother.

Sarah and Josh said...

You have some very good helpers! Love it!

Marie Roxanne said...

yikes, I can't imagine your floors being messy or dirty... but here is the evidence!
I am glad you all had fun re-planting. I will be starting my balcony garden (hopefully soon) when the snow stops... we are having one big huge snowstorm today (Ottawa Ontario Canada)so spring seems so far way and not "around the corner"... sigh.

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