Friday, March 28, 2014

Ahoy Matey!

You know how you have that old sailor suit that you've been toting around for over a decade?

Oh wait, not you, that's me! Eric has this sailor suit that we have been toting around for over a decade, mostly just because we like the way it looks hanging the the darkest recesses of our closet.

Not really.

Did I mention that it is for a small child? Yeah, it's a tiny vintage sailor suit. I will pause while you squeal in anticipation of the cuteness to come....

Are you ready? Shall we power on through this post?

OK, so back to the sailor suit. May I present you with Exhibit A. This, my friends, is a photo of my father-in-law (AKA Eric's Dad, AKA Grandfather to my daughters, AKA Dave) as a young boy, the photo was taken in 1952.   Isn't he adorable? Oh wait, what's that? Is he wearing a sailor suit? Yes, he is wearing the very sailor suit that we have been toting around for over a decade. His father was in the Navy and apparently it was a thing to dress your kids in mini-me clothes (seriously, there is a book on it and everything).


Now, let's move on to Exhibit B. This adorable little guy was the soon to be man that I now know as Spectacles McHottie (I just made that up and I am pretty sure Eric is not going to like that nickname, let's see shall we?). Anyway, isn't this about the cutest little guy in the entire universe?! We see the uniform making it's encore tour in a second generation. Eric pointed out that his father was not in the  Navy, but the Air Force---hence the wrong color of bandana. I wouldn't have known the difference, but I suppose it would matter a great deal to some. Either way, Eric was a little charmer. I can actually hear my hear singing a little tune of joy.


Finally we have Cordelia giving this suit a whirl. Look at that sassy sweetheart. When Eric pulled out the photos of himself and her grandfather from the photo storage box wearing his white museum gloves (you can take the curator out of the museum but you can't take the museum out of the curator. Am I right or am I right?) Cordelia was more interested in the white gloves. Someday this will all be very meaningful to her I am sure.

Cordelia in the sailor suit

Cordelia in the sailor suit

That's all. You're welcome.


affectioknit said...

So very cute and sweet!

~Have a lovely day!`

Marie Roxanne said...

Oh, so cute! 3 generations of sailor suit wearers.

Sarah Purdy said...

1. Eric used to be so adorable! What happened? Juuuuust kidding.
2. Cordelia is too cute! And Grandpa too!
3. I absolutely love your sassy voice today.

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