Saturday, March 29, 2014

Half Birthday Interview with Cordelia

Today Cordelia is 4 1/2. I can't really wrap my mind around that fact. How has it already been that long? 

In order to properly kick off  her half birthday I thought I'd interview my little lady. Enjoy.

Good morning Cordelia. How are you today?
I'm very good mom. 

Can you tell me what is special about today?
That we're playing pirates?

No what is special about today?
Monday?.....It is my half birthday!

What makes you happy?

Anything in particular?
The only thing that would make me especially happy is you guys and Elise.
(Pause to roll around, get in trouble, make a mess, jump around, act crazy, etc.)

What is your favorite food?
[Vegan] Pigs in a blanket!!! They get to have ketchup!

What do you want to do today? to...Goodwill? and zoning out)...take a walk in this nice beautiful day. And then go home and have a lunch and then Elise has a nap and then we play dress up. (Puts a basket in her head, spins and sings. Walks off for a bit.)

What is your favorite thing to learn about?
(Whispers, loudly in my ear) Monarchs.

Rarity is your favorite My Little Pony, what do you like about her?
Because she has a sense of style like meeeee. Um, her gorgeous tail. I wish I had one like her. That is all I like about her.

All I really like about Applejack is that she picks apples and that is not really a thing.

If you could have one special power, what would it be?
To have snow powers and turn into Elsa (falls onto couch an log rolls).
Are we done? Can I play with Betty some more now?

I love you. Thanks for letting me ask you a few questions. 

Go play with Betty.
(Runs to another room)'s me!


Marie Roxanne said...

Cute. she just indulges her mom's quirkiness until she can go play with Betty! awww

Sarah Purdy said...

Half birthday already!! She's growing up so fast!

Anne Jezek said...

Happy 4 1/2 Birthday Cordy!! 4 1/2?! Are you sure?! It's not possible. We love you!

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